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Commercial Insertion

Commercial insertion is a process of inserting an advertising block into a media stream (television program). Ads are typically inserted on a national or geographic basis that is determined by the distribution network. By using Ad Insertion, one TV channel can distribute the same program in several territories, but with commercials blocks (or weather report, or traffic report), unique to these territories.

Automated local insertion is usually triggered with in-band signaling, such as DTMF tones (Cue Tones) or other trigger. Further, broadcast automation can handle these automatically.

AirBox can receive triggers as Cue Tone or GPI. Once the trigger is received the scheduled commercial break is started and played to air. After a pre-defined period of time, or on receiving another trigger, AirBox returns to the main program feed.

AirBox can also auto-fill any periods that have no defined adverts or programs.

In addition, you can include graphics to broadcasted commercial block - from a simple logo to full CG project - by using TitleBox

One of the most popular scenario is to use AirBox as an Ad Server which contains needed commercials and receives triggers for start/stop playout.

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