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What is Channel-in-a-Box?

EXEcutor Channel in a Box is a turnkey playout server solution for broadcasting a single TV channel and
available in SD or HD. It integrates all the elements needed to keep a channel on-air by combining scheduling, ingest,
playout, CG and interactive graphics within one box. The output can be SDI or IP streaming and suitable for applications
including broadcast TV, internet TV, cable TV etc.

Channel in a Box – Basic Components

The major components of the Channel in a Box offer media ingest with CaptureBox, storage,
automation and playout with AirBox, interactive CG and graphics with TitleBox and scheduling with ListBox. ListBox
creates schedules for AirBox and rules can be created for TitleBox to fully automate the CG and interactive graphics for a
powerful automatic TV channel. TitleBox interactive CG and Graphics can be internally keyed or optional external keying if
you have a DSK.


EXEcutor Channel in a Box is the first choice for many Internet TV, cable TV, corporate organizations, Government channels, Universities and PEG TV stations. Providing all the quality and functionality of a full broadcast station, EXEcutor Channel in a Box is straightforward to impliment and use. And our unique “free service for life” philosophy makes our ROI outstanding.

Single Channel workflow 




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