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... update WIBU licence?

   Customer may receive license update in cases like: purchasing additional software or software options, purchasing or renewing ASM (Annual Software Maintenance), requesting DEMO license, obtaining permanent license after a trial period, etc. License update is in form of single *.RTU file (can be packed as *.ZIP archive) and has name that corresponds to the WIBU-Key or Dongle serial number that it is intended for. This file must be placed (unpacked) on the server where WIBU-Key or Dongle with same serial number is connected. Also, appropriate WIBU driver must be installed. All PlayBox software must be closed. Simply double click on the *.RTU file and following window will appear

Click "Yes". If everything is in order, you will see another pop-up window confirming process was successful

   Note: WIBU license updates MUST be performed in sequential order as they are issued (UPD1, UPD2 UPD3 etc)! If you are issued a new update, but you skipped to install previous one, you will get an error message “failure to install”...