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What is the last AirBox version?
You can check about the latest versions of all software from download section of... more
Can I live stream to YouTube as a second stream output?
You can add second (and even third, fourth, etc.) output to AirBox if your licen... more
Do you generate an EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?
This is a job for the scheduling system as it deals with the actual program sche... more
Supported output swichers
External devices like video routers, video switchers, etc. are controlled by Air... more
Certified compression profiles and transcoding programs
Certified compression profiles and transcoding programs MPEG-2 Program (ISO/IE... more
I have converted my DV files into upper field first, but they still plays as lower field first
Native field order for DV files is lower field first, and in order to re-encode ... more
Some of my files are having flickering/jerky motion, while other files plays OK
You are trying to play files with Upper Field First, Lower Field First and/or Pr... more
What is MPO?
MPO stands for Multi Parallel Output. AirBox MPO enables the running of two or ... more
Is it possible to change video and/or audio stream PIDs in AirBox?
Yes, but they are not user-definable. They can be changed by experienced technic... more
Is it possible to apply "video resize" to a single file in the playlist?
Yes. Each resizing is triggered by a scaling event in the playlist. Applying a r... more
Do you support Dolby Digital audio (e.g. AC3) in AirBox?
Yes, it is possible. It requires additional option. Please contact sales@pbte... more
Is it possible to trim clips with multiple video or audio channels?
Absolutely! If you use such a clip in Clip Trimmer, all available video and/or a... more
Can I resize the desktop video preview window?
Yes, if you make it an external window, you can set it any size. Look for the ap... more
Is it possible to run more than one TV channel from the same server?
Yes, if you obtain additional AirBox licenses, you can playout as many channels ... more
Is it possible to have mixed compression files in the same playlist for playout?
Yes, it is possible to playout files of various compression formats and containe... more
Can AirBox read Cue tones for automated commercial insertion?
Yes, it can read many types of cue "tones": Analogue audio SDI embedded audio ... more
Can AirBox playout content with slow motion
No, AirBox is not intended to be an instant replay server, and is not targeted f... more
Logo is not shown in AirBox
Check if the logo option is enabled in AirBox: 1. Click on Menu SETTINGS->OU... more