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IP TV workflow

Better ways for Media distribution have always been a key for any broadcaster. Nowadays we see increased demand for IP workflows and this is where we offer a reliable and scalable solution.

A typical includes UDP streams which are universally defined as live sources for all applications that make use of them such as ingest devices, live viewers, live inputs in playout, etc.

Basic workflow

Our playout server platform via its Multi Parallel Output (MPO) technology allows IP streams with different codecs (MPEG2, H.264), resolutions (HD, SD) and transports (UDP, RTP) to be outputted simultaneously. The playout audio can optionally be encoded into Dolby Digital (AC3) and inserted into the output UDP streams.

We offer full playout redundancy configurations: N+M server redundancy with automatic failover, and UDP matrix switcher to properly route streams with redundant master/slave topology configuration.

The DVB Subtitling Server and the DVB Muxer are also available.
Remote control and playout monitoring is available via web browser. Different levels of control and access are also provided.

Extended workflow

3+1 Playout Servers with CG and ingest including DVB subtitles