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Workflow examples

Cost effective studio with Blackmagic products and EXEcutor server
The studio includes advanced broadcast cameras for live HD production with 10” v... more
Blade servers farm IP stream playout solution with remote management and monitoring
Workflow consists of 1 or more blade servers with 2 nodes per chassis. This give... more
EXEcutor Master Workflow
EXEcutor servers are turnkey solutions, designed for broadcasting and certified ... more
Cost effective singe channel EXEcutor playout and GC solution
EXEcutor is the first choice for many Internet TV, cable TV, corporate organizat... more
Multichannel cost effective IP pump workflow with multilanguage subtitling
In the digital TV era it becomes significantly important to use and maintain con... more
Commercial Insertion
Commercial insertion is a process of inserting an advertising block into a media... more
IP TV workflow
Better ways for Media distribution have always been a key for any broadcaster. N... more
News workflow with EXEcutor Production player
ProductionAirBox provides content playout for News, Live shows, Studio screens a... more
EXEcutor - Post production workflow
PROD EXEcutor provides content playout for News, Live shows, Studio screens and ... more